We founded the company back in 1994 with the aim to be the industry’s favorite lighting brand. Since then we’ve lit up 17% of the commercial real estate market in the U.S.

No other company is more fit to retrofit.

We’re the retrofit experts. And we’re not just easier. We’re faster.

Why people like us

  1. We’re easier to work with. And that makes us better.
  2. No other company is more fit to retrofit.
  3. We have Kelvin™ and that makes the path from quote to proposal shorter.
  4. We’re an employee-owned American manufacturer and our strength is in our people.
  5. With affordability at the forefront, we design customized products so that your prices are optimized. We call this Cost-A-Mized™.

How we got here

We’ve been making it simple for our customers to realize immediate returns on their investment for more than 23 years.

♦  We’re ISO 9001 certified.

♦  We’ve reduced more than 2.5 trillion watts of energy consumption eliminating more than 8 million tons of COS emissions.

♦  Our products light up over 5 billion sq ft of commercial industrial space. That amounts to 17% of the U.S. Real Estate Market.


When it comes to savings and service, the future is Envirobrite.