Dailite™ Fluorescent Troffer / FDS

The Envirobrite® FDS advanced Dailite fixture was designed to open up the room and distribute light spaciously along both the vertical and horizontal work planes. This fixture is intended to install quickly and easily and enhance the space with an aesthetic appeal.

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Features & Benefits

  • Designed to accommodate T5 & T8 configurations
  • One or two lamp options for additional flexibility
  • Can qualify for the maximum EPACT tax deduction and other incentives
  • Flexible design intent to fit into most lensed and parabolic troffer bodies
  • Easy ballast access for simplified maintenance
  • Made from 100% aluminum for complete sustainability
  • Long life components for significant maintenance savings and lowest total cost of ownership
  • Eco-friendly packaging designed for streamlined job site disposal

100% aluminum

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Cut Sheets
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FDS 2x2 T5 1L
FDS 2x2 T5 2L
FDS 2x2 T8 1L
FDS 2x2 T8 2L
FDS 2x4 T5 1L
FDS 2x4 T5 2L
FDS 2x4 T8 1L
FDS 2x4 T8 2L
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IES Files
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