Envirobrite Discovers Energy Saving Technologies

Envirobrite has always had a strong belief in sustainability, energy saving technologies, and reducing our carbon footprint. We have expanded that idea into our own company inside and out. Our manufacturing and assembly headquarters in Sanford, Florida receives an abundant amount of sunshine. The sun’s intensity drives up our energy costs by pushing our HVAC systems to work into overdrive. This past year, we sought to combat this cost by investing in some new energy saving technologies.
First, we installed multiple large fans, made by the Big Ass Fan Company in our shipping and receiving facility. Although the creativity of the company’s name is a bit risqué, the product’s performance and efficiency are second to none. Big Ass Fans are designed to move the maximum amount of air with minimal energy consumption. The fan’s design uses ten blades operating at slow speeds to move large volumes of air. Moving at a low speed means less energy used for operation, translating into more energy savings. The difference was immediate as we recognized temperatures drop an average of 15 degrees.
Energy Saving Technologies - GacoFlex Roof Coatings

Big Ass Fans

That’s when we realized the other benefit… our Envirobrite® employees love the fans more than we love the reduced energy costs. Secondly, we treated each of our buildings with another energy efficient technology. Like our abundance of sunshine, we also receive over 50 inches of rain each year. The mixture of sun and rain brings additional maintenance costs and reduces the efficiency of older roofing materials. We took steps to reduce our maintenance cost and again increase our efficiency by identifying energy saving technologies.
Energy Saving Technology

Before using GacoFlex273

We applied GacoFlex roof coatings to each of our facilities. Gaco spray foam and coatings provide seamless insulation and waterproofing, and are fully adhered to the substrate. This eliminated common sources of our leaks and pooling water beneath the roofing material. The specific Gaco product we used was Gaco Western Roof Foam 273. It’s a zero-ozone depleting liquid spray system that cures and coats existing roofing material. The best part is Roof Foam 273 contains material derived from naturally renewable resources and does not contain CFC’s, HCFC’s or other gases harmful to the environment. Good for us and good for the planet.
Energy Efficient Technologies - After using GacoFlex273

After using GacoFlex273

With these two enhancements and retrofitting our troffers using the new Dailite™ troffer retrofit kits, we’ve recognized over $23,000 in savings, and we are thrilled to share the news of our newly identified energy saving technologies.  

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