Two Envirobrite employees receive Lighting Certified (LC) accreditation

Envirobrite – a manufacturer of Lighting Retrofit Kits, Fluorescent Highbays, LED lighting fixtures, and Commodity fixtures is excited to announce the recent achievements of two more of our employees to Lighting Certified accreditation – Dominic Cerce and Aaron Wood. This brings the total to five Envirobrite employees certified as Lighting Certified: Mike Brennan, Jason Plourde and Josh Bond.

As with any major industry there exists some form of accreditation that allows an individual to strengthen his/her knowledge within their field. This knowledge provides an opportunity to maintain training on advancements and changes within a specified industry. Within the lighting trade the certification is respectively known as – Lighting Certified (LC).

The NCQLP developed their program to address multiple issues that include: safety, health, productivity, energy conservation and effectiveness, environmental concerns, governmental policy, lighting technology, and competent, knowledgeable lighting practice.

The NCQLP, a non-profit organization founded in 1991 developed their principles to serve and protect the well-being of the public through effective and efficient lighting practice. Through a peer-review process, the NCQLP establishes the education, experience and examination requirements for baseline certification across the lighting professions.

Qualifications for meeting LC certification require a minimum of six years experience in the lighting industry or a Bachelors degree from an accredited college/university and three years experience in a lighting related field. The LC credential is a multi-disciplinary qualification based on a statistically valid, peer-developed examination that tests the knowledge in the following areas:

  • Survey / Audit- Existing
  • Lighting Design
  • Financial Analysis
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance

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